The mission in India, set up in the early 1990s, is one of the largest for the Sisters of Charity of Saint Mary. The country boasts many impressive sights, and the splendour of its monuments and temples enriches its history. Unfortunately, half of the population is still illiterate and more than a quarter live under the poverty threshold. This is the reality that the Sisters of Charity have had to cope with as they struggle to reduce poverty among families in certain areas. The orphanage they run cares for a large number of children and serves meals Monday through Friday. The sisters touch the lives of some one hundred children every day. They are helped by several of their local members of the Congregation. They also regularly visit a leprosy treatment centre and operate a child care centre for the victims of this disfiguring disease. The religious habit worn by the sisters in India is a beige sari.

Institutions and services

  • Orphanage, recently built with the help of Italy and Canada
  • Child care centre
  • Dispensary
  • School counselling and guidance
  • Centre for the promotion of human diversity
  • Ministry to the sick
  • Evangelization
  • Teaching in public school

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National statistics

  • Capital:
  • New Delhi
  • GDP per capita ($):
  • 4 000
  • Population:
  • 1 236 344 631
  • Public spending on education (%PIB):
  • 3,3
  • Density:
  • 376,1 hab./km2
  • Rate of postsecondary education (%):
  • 10,6
  • Number of physicians (per 1000 pop.):
  • Health expenditure per capita:

The statistics vary between the years 2010 and 2015. Source:

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Sister Gabrielle Riopel

Sisters of Charity of St-Mary –
“Santa María Illam”

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Tél. : 011 91 994 320 8479

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