Our spirituality

In her Memoirs on Mother Clarac, Sister Luigia Aimo wrote: « She was ready to suffer persecution, slander and trials of all kinds up to the end of her days, and if necessary, until the end of the world, while thinking of the immense glory reserved for those who fight and suffer for their God. »

« I’m fully resigned to His holy will: such is my prayer and that is the offering that I make to Him every day. » Mother Clarac

The acceptance of the cross helped Mother Clarac unite herself with the sufferings of Christ. Even today, the love of the cross, symbol of our salvation, helps us accept the events of life, the daily contradictions and deceptions. Thanks to the spirituality of the cross we radiate the joy of living and the happiness promised by Jesus.

Accepting crosses, carrying them for love, with joy, that was a characteristic mark of the life of Mother Clarac. To Jesus, she made this promise: “O Divine Savior, if these crosses are for your glory and for the good of souls, I accept them all with great joy. »

Mother Clarac had a great devotion to the Virgin Mary. To her she entrusted her works in Turin and to her she dedicated a chapel.

Knowledge and love of Mary is also at the heart of our apostolate. Her intimate, active presence is irreplaceable in our life in community.

We dedicate ourselves to God. Our humble and generous work is inspired by the Virgin Mary as it was for Mother Clarac, a woman of untiring zeal who greatly helped the poor and the underprivileged.

At the center of our life is the Eucharist. Sacramental communion, the supreme way of union with the divine Messiah, contains just as much the secret of our chastity as the force allowing us to fulfill our mission of education and assistance among the people.

We learn humility, silence, the availability to all and, always and in all circumstances, generosity in the gift of self to others.

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