Calling from God

« I have summoned you by name » (Isaiah 43:1)


  • an invitation from God to follow a path entirely devoted to Him;
  • a calling to divine union;
  • a different kind of joy, with Jesus, by Jesus and for Jesus, through the experience of the evangelical counsels of poverty, obedience and chastity;
  • living in a community « of one heart and of one soul » (Acts 4:32) and building a life of fraternity based on the common good, with Jesus at the centre.


  • Dear Friend, do you want to follow me? Do you trust me?
  • Can you put your faith in me? Can you devote yourself entirely to me?
  • Do you yearn to give yourself wholeheartedly to God and serve others? To derive joy not only from personal achievement but also the satisfaction of selflessness?
  • Give your life to the Kingdom of God, to those who need you most. Give of yourself with a smile. Radiate Love and you will get it back freely. Remember: to give is also to receive.
  • Be open to the life path that God wants for you.

Against the current

Accepting your vocation means going against the current of individualism, isolation and consumption that permeates the world today.

Does your heart sing out to the Lord? Do you want to worship Him with your eyes, your hands, your feet and your lips and proclaim the glory of His Kingdom? Do you wish to make your life and your heart a gift to Him? Then you have surely been called! The Lord needs you – as a young woman full of life and enthusiasm and eager to achieve total self-fulfillment by dedicating your life to the pursuit of a purer ideal.

In the words of Mother Marie Clarac :

« Be like the workers at harvest time who follow the reaper to pick up the stalks that are left behind in the furrows and make sure that nothing is lost. » We follow this call by putting our charism into action, engaging in charitable endeavours and acknowledging Jesus by tending to these forgotten « stalks » among our youth, our elderly and our sick. The Lord needs you. He needs your voice, your hands… and your life.
Three sisters smiling

Say « yes » to the Lord

We lead our life in response to God’s calling, just like our Blessed Virgin Mary who said « yes » to the Lord. As a religious family, we devote ourselves to her – she who, throughout her own life, demonstrated humility and trust in God. « I am the Lord’s servant. » (Luke 1:38)

Dear Friend, do you want to follow in the footsteps of Marie Clarac, with joy and in peace? Open your mind and your heart, be generous and take your rightful place within our extended family. The Sisters of Charity of Saint Mary await you in order to help you achieve this ideal, this pinnacle of human and divine fulfillment. We draw our strength from our missionary spirit. Come join us and share in it with us!

In the words of Mother Clarac :

« Lord, make my life a song of love for You. » This love, born of You, my Beloved, I return through my gifts and my love, and through my religious family, every day.

You can feel the spark ignite in your heart. Remember the words of Jesus : « If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me… » (Marc 8:34-37)